Active in Alamo? Abbreviations can be Confusing

Alamo Acronyms and Abbreviations

By Steve Mick                                          

There are a number of Alamo residents who are active in the community. Their volunteer efforts make this a great place to live. A large part of their activities consists of attending meetings – lots and lots of meetings. Over time, participants have evolved a number of short cuts and abbreviations for various topics under discussion. To a new person, this “shorthand” may be a bit confusing.

This was brought home to me at a liaison meeting a few weeks ago. The format was a round table with each person speaking in turn.  When the discussion came around to a person new to the meeting, she expressed more than a little puzzlement over the acronyms and abbreviations. Definitions were of course provided to her.

However, this experience led me to create a list of these acronyms and abbreviations. I use many of these when I’m taking notes during meetings to save time and ink.

APSAC (app-sack) – Alamo Police Services Advisory Committee: an appointed group of residents who advise the county and the sheriff on law enforcement issues. Also known as the P-2B Committee


AIA – Alamo Improvement Association

AT – Alamo Today

CFA – Community Foundation of Alamo: A volunteer group that organizes the annual Tree LightingFestival in December and the Alamo Restaurant Walk-About

CoCoTax – Contra Costa Taxpayers Association

CSA – County Service Area: A CSA can be formed in unincorporated areas to provide a revenue stream for taxpayer-approved services. In Alamo, a CSA designated “R-7A” funds Alamo Parks and Recreation

DACC – Danville Area Chamber of Commerce (includes Alamo)

DVB – Danville Blvd

FOAC (foh-ack) – Facilities Oversight and Advisory Committee: A committee formed by the San

IHT – Iron Horse Trail: The largest park in Alamo

LAFCO (Laugh Co) – Local Agency Formation Commission.  Not many people know what this group does, but it’s worth Googling since this body affects all of Contra Costa County

MAC – Municipal Advisory Council: an appointed group of residents who advise the county on various governmental activities in Alamo

SVMS – Stone Valley Middle School

SRVHS – San Ramon Valley High School: Not to be confused with:

SRVHS – San Ramon Valley Historical Society

SRVUSD – Ramon Valley Unified School District to oversee and advise the district on school facility matters.

VS – Valley Sentinel: The fine publication that you’re reading…

ZA – Zoning Administrator: A county official or designee who hears requests for variance permits among other duties