The 2016 BMW 340i Sedan

By David and Judy Colman; “I really like the red leather seats!” It was my cousin Steve, admiring the interior of the test 340i BMW had loaned me for the week of Thanksgiving. Steve and his wife Karen are both lawyers, recently retired from the fast lane of the DC Beltway. Neither of these plug-in […]

GOPRO Grand Prix Of Sonoma Preview

By Judy And David Colman;                                      The IndyCar race at Sonoma has a new date for 2015: August 28-30. Since the Indycars started coming to Sonoma in 2005, the race has taken place in mid-August as the penultimate […]

The 2015 Lexus RC350 2DR Coupe

By David and Judy Colman;                                                         Short of a tech session at the dealership, there are few better ways to learn the secrets of your vehicle than to […]

2015 Audi A3 Cabriolet 1.8T FWD S tronic

BY David and Judy Colman; Is there a car with a longer formal title than this Audi? Let’s translate its multiple messages. For 2015, Audi has mounted an assault on the entry level luxury market with its new-to-North America Audi A3 line. These trim and diminutive offerings weigh just over 3,100 pounds, measure 175 inches […]

2015 Volkswagon Passat TDI SEL Premium

BY David and Judy Colman;            It’s really too bad that you can’t use your X-ray eyes to look through the engine shroud covering VW’s all new turbo diesel EA288 engine. If you could, you would realize just how much more sophisticated this new diesel is than its predecessor, the EA189. […]

AB 2293 for TNC’s insurance approved

Bonilla Bill Clarifying Insurance Coverage for Transportation Network Companies Approved by Assembly Assemblywoman Bonilla’s measure, AB 2293, was approved today on the Assembly floor with a 71-0 vote.  This bill clarifies insurance coverage plans for transportation network companies (TNC) and requires important disclosures to TNC drivers that ensure all parties are aware of the insurance […]

Courtney and Brittany Force follow dad’s footsteps

By Judy Colman:                    If you spent every summer on the road with your famous, race car driving Dad, what would you want to do when you grew up? For Courtney and Brittany Force, and their older sister Ashley before them, the answer would be: Drive a […]

2013 Cadillac ATS 2.0T Premium Collection

by David and Judy Colman: It isn’t everyday you drive a car with a title longer than a British Count.  But the 2013 Cadillac has managed to append no less than 4 qualifiers to its newest offspring, the diminutive ATS 4-door sedan.Cadillac has managed to append no less than 4 qualifiers to its newest offspring, […]

Bright future for Volvo with 2013 S60 T6 AWD R

By:  David and Judy Colman                      Ever since Ford sold Volvo off to the Chinese several years ago, the Swedish automaker has been having a tough go in the marketplace.  Thankfully, not as bad as Swedish compatriot Saab, which recently declared bankruptcy and closed its doors, […]