Californians benefit from the Affordable Care Act

New report shows real benefits of the Affordable Care Act for the people of California The Administration issued a new report highlighting the benefits of the Affordable Care Act for the people of California.  Thanks to the health care law, the 82% of Californians who have insurance have more choices and stronger coverage than ever […]

Recognizing eating disorder can mean life or death

By Pamela Carlton, MD Young people at risk if parents are not vigilant “You can never be too rich or too thin.”  This was written on a refrigerator magnet in the kitchen of my childhood home.  We all know that obesity is a real problem in the United States.  We hear about it daily on […]

How to prevent cancer

By Gautam Prasad, M.D., Ph.D.                     When I see men and women who were diagnosed with cancer, they frequently ask, “why me?”  Many tell me that they have led healthy lifestyles including engaging in regular exercise, not smoking, and drinking in moderation.  Unfortunately, cancer is the […]

Medicare — CA seniors save $574 M on drugs

On the 48th  anniversary of the signing of Medicare and Medicaid into law, new information released today by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) shows a strong Medicare program. In California, people with Medicare have saved $573,726,255 on prescription drugs as a result of the  Affordable Care Act. Nationally, these savings average $1,061 per […]

Inpatient or outpatient makes difference in Medicare

By David Sayen;              When you go to a hospital, does it make any difference if you’re considered an “inpatient” or an “outpatient” Yes, it does. Your hospital status (whether the hospital classifies you as an inpatient or outpatient) affects how much you pay for hospital services like X-rays, drugs, […]

Tips to help prevent skin cancer

By Michael Forrest, MD; More than 7,000 Californians will be diagnosed with melanoma this year, according to the American Cancer Society. The following are life-saving tips to help prevent this and other skin cancers, the most common form of cancer in the United States. Melanoma, although the most severe skin cancer, can have a 97% […]

Do you know someone with memory problems?

By Judith Horvath; In this day of hustle and bustle it is very easy to find that there is little time to deal with a close relative or friend who is having memory problems. It may occur to you that someone you care deeply about is having serious issues.  Steps usually taken are continuing trips […]

The time to have end-of-life discussions is now

Consider the Conversation The greatest gift you can give your family is to have open and honest conversations surrounding your wishes about medical treatments as your health declines.  Although many people avoid end-of-life discussions, taking proactive steps can help keep you and your loved ones from being blindsided when a medical emergency may occur. The […]

Boost your fun factor: It’s good for you!

by Lisa T. Wood:            Buttoned-up blouses and sensible shoes bumped next to tattooed biceps and mini skirts. Live music screamed from speakers as the crowd pulsated together in the dark—smiles beaming, heads jiving and fists pumping in enthusiasm. Friday night dancing at a Walnut Creek pub seemed to bring out […]

Prostate Cancer Testing — Yes or No?

by Amanpreet Buttar, MD: Prostate cancer screening involves checking Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) in blood and a digital rectal examination in men.Screening refers to the use of simple tests across a healthy population in order to identify individuals who have disease, but do not yet have symptoms. PSA is produced by the normal glandular cells […]