Danville Farmers’ Market Re-Opens May 9th!

Danville Farmers' Market to reopen May 9th

Certified farmers’ markets, like the Danville Farmers’ Market, were designated as essential businesses as part of the Shelter in Place order.  As a result, we have been working diligently with local officials to reopen the farmers’ market with changes to the operation of the market that  PCFMA has implemented at other farmers’ markets throughout the Bay Area.  These changes ensure that all regulations in the Shelter in Place order are being followed, but also the addition of our own set of rules that help protect the Danville community.

These are some of the Operational Guidelines we have enacted to keep customers, farmers, and market staff safe:

  • Eliminated all sampling
  • Halted entertainment, promotions, seating areas, or anything that encourages customers to linger
  • Farmers/Producers may not touch reusable bags belonging to customers
  • Farmers/Producers will bag all food items; customers may not touch products for sale
  • Customer access to stalls will be restricted
  • Created additional space between vendor booths, 10 feet wherever possible, and reconfigured markets for easier access and departure
  • Designated areas 6 feet away from vendor booths where customers can safely wait to shop
  • Posted signs with farmers’ market safety guidelines
  • Provided handwashing stations or hand sanitizer stands for customers where possible
  • Required producers/farmers to bring handwashing stations or hand sanitizer and gloves for their staff
  • Vendors are required to wear face coverings and will not be allowed to sell without any face covering
  • Vendors will refuse service to customers that do not observe the farmers’ market safety guidelines
  • PCFMA staff are required to wear masks at farmers’ markets
  • PCFMA staff are actively emphasizing social distancing and compliance with the farmers’ market safety guidelines.  Customers will be asked to leave if met with refusal

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As always, if the situation changes we will post updates on the Danville  Farmers’ Market Facebook Page as well as on our website. Thank you for your support of your local farmers’ market. Pacific Coast Farmers’ Market Association (PCFMA), advocates for our farmers and food access and will continue to. We are happy that the market will be reopened while still being committed to keeping our communities safe.