Danville Tennis Courts to Reopen May 4

New Shelter in Place Order to allow for opening of Danville Tennis Courts

The updated Shelter in Place Order released April 29, 2020 by Contra Costa Health Services relaxed restrictions on what are considered low-risk outdoor activities.  As a result, the Town of Danville will be reopening municipal tennis courts on Monday, May 4, 2020.  Tennis courts to be affected are at Osage Station Park and Diablo Vista Park.

The Danville tennis courts had been down since mid-March, when the initial Shelter in Place Order was initiated. The courts will be opened with the following restrictions.
Court facilities are available for unorganized play, reservations or group/league play is not allowed.

All elements of the revised health order must be followed at all times including:

  • Maintaining physical/social distancing is required
  • Group gatherings of any size are not allowed. (Unless you are a part of the same household or living unit)

Recreation, Arts, and Community Services Director Henry Perezalonso said he encourages users of the courts, and other outdoor facilities, to continue to practice safety and continue to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

“We have a very active tennis community here in Danville, so we are happy to be able to reopen these facilities,” Perezalonso said. “However, we hope everyone will continue to take every precaution in order to stay safe from the coronavirus.”
For more information, contact Recreation, Arts, and Community Services Director Henry Perezalonso at (925) 314-3454 or [email protected].