Magee Preserve Project Unanimously Approved by Danville Town Council

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Will Permanently Preserve Hundreds of Acres of Public Open Space
View of the Magee Reserve

On a 5-0 vote, the Danville Town Council has approved the Magee Preserve project proposed for Danville by Davidon Homes. 

Magee Preserve permanently preserves Mt. Diablo foothills as public open space for generations to come. The project protects 93% of the property – 381 out of 410 acres – as new permanent public open space. It will be located south of Diablo and Blackhawk Roads and east of McCauley Road.

Unlike current zoning, which would allow up to 78 highly-visible homes to be built across the hillsides, the Magee Preserve proposal restricts homebuilding to 69 single-family homes clustered on only 29 acres of the lowest, least visible parts of the property, leaving the remaining acreage to be preserved in perpetuity.

“93% open space. Save Mount Diablo and Seth Adams comes out and support a project this size? That is priceless. Now we have bicycle safety that I feel very comfortable with. I trust the fact the [the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District] can handle and manage any incident in that area,” said Mayor Storer of the project.

Councilmember Morgan echoed the open space sentiment in her statement of support. “For what I see, the footprint of these homes are off our hills. They’re not on top of our hillsides. They’re clustered low and in the valleys.”

The project will add two miles of new public trails to the East Bay Regional Park District, connecting Mt. Diablo State Park to Sycamore Valley Regional Park and the Iron Horse Trail, which will fill an important gap in the regional trail network. The project creates a new eight-foot wide bicycle and pedestrian path and provides critical lands to the Town for future expansion of the paved multi-purpose path along Diablo Road, giving cyclists new, safer alternatives to riding on Diablo Road. The path can also be used by runners, and walkers and their dogs. The project’s public benefits will accrue at no cost to taxpayers.

In addition, Magee Preserve protects 1.5 miles of Green Valley Creek and local wildlife on the property, and is specifically designed to preserve views to keep Mt. Diablo’s foothills a prominent part of the landscape.

The project also does its fair share to reduce congestion and wait times at problematic Mt. Diablo Scenic and Green Valley/McCauley intersections by allowing more cars to flow more efficiently and safely through the corridor. To address safety, the San Ramon Valley Fire Department has carefully reviewed the project and confirmed its ability to respond efficiently to emergencies at or near the site. The project also adds a half mile route through the project as an alternate emergency access along Diablo Road.

The Magee Preserve project was approved by the Danville Town Council in July. It is supported by Save Mount Diablo because of the project’s conservation values and was overwhelmingly recommended by the Danville Planning Commission. The East Bay Regional Park District is on record in favor of the project. It is also supported by all of Danville’s major bike groups, including Bike East Bay, Mount Diablo Cyclists, Valley Spokesmen Bicycle Club, and the leaders of the San Ramon Valley Mountain Bike Club. 

You can find more information on the Magee Preserve Project at the Town of Danville website,

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