Town of Danville Event: May the 4th Be With You!

Town of Danville Event: May the 4th Be With You!

DANVILLE – The Town of Danville is set to hold its second annual Star Wars celebration on Thursday, May 4th, featuring a scavenger hunt, crafts, games and Cantina Crawl (for the 21+ Jedi Masters). Press Release from The Town of Danville: Starting at 10:30AM, stop by the Danville Community Center to pick up a free […]

Location Change for Community Service Awards

Annual event to be held at the Danville Community Center With the ongoing Village Theatre Parking Lot Project affecting existing parking near the Village Theatre & Art Gallery, the Town of Danville has chosen to move the December 4, 2018 Annual Mayor’s Installation and Community Service Awards to the Danville Community Center, 420 Front Street. […]

Lecture on President Lincoln

Dr. Vikam Amar speaks on “President Lincoln and the Scope of Executive Power” If you want to really understand this Lincoln exhibit, you must come, because Amar zeroes in on its most critical point. Did Lincoln’s use of his executive authority impact our understanding of our American constitution and if so how? Almost daily the President […]