Seth Adams Speaks on Peregrine Patrol

Naturalist Seth Adams, Land Conservation Director of Save Mount Diablo played a pivotal role in re-establishing Peregrine Falcons in the pinnacles of Castle Rock in Pine Canyon, a traditional nesting site for these beautiful birds of prey, which were driven to near-extinction by DDT. The pesticide was banned in 1972. Peregrine populations have bounced back, […]

Mt. Diablo Recycling Summer Camp

Mt. Diablo Recycling Summer Camp School may be out for the summer, but it’s the perfect time to learn about recycling and respecting the environment at Mt. Diablo Recycling’s (MDR) fourth annual free Summer Camp. MDR is offering 2 separate sessions that will each include a tour of their 90,000-square-foot recycling facility and recycling trucks, […]

Castle Rock Falcons and Wildflowers

  by Beverly Lane   It’s nesting season again for peregrine falcons at the Castle Rocks near Walnut Creek, so the rock formations are closed to the public. The rocks are located within Mt. Diablo State Park. However, people often access them from the Stage Road Trail, which runs along Pine Creek through Castle Rock […]

Man Runs up Diablo for Mom

When East Bay resident James Quinn’s mother, Janice Quinn, was diagnosed with stage-IV neuroendocrine tumor (NET), James felt compelled to take action. He has decided to run up Mount Diablo as a means of drawing attention to his mom’s battle with cancer and helping to raise financial support for her treatment. He hopes to raise […]

Pearl Harbor Day Beacon Lighting moved due to weather

The strong winter chill has moved this Saturday’s Mount Diablo Beacon Lighting Ceremony down from the mountain’s summit. The unusually low temperatures and biting winds raised concerns about hosting the 50th lighting atop Diablo due to the likelihood of ice and concern for the comfort of those in attendance, particularly local Pearl Harbor Survivors who will […]